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place the inner door opened and Marilyn looked out on the first corridor in the biowar lab. She had decided that they would gather in this area to make sure that everyone made it through before moving on, so it was a tense few moments until the next members of her team made their own way through the airlock, each paying a unique deposit. "All right," xxx bp Marilyn said as Sandy finally passed through. "We're in. Quickly now, and quiet." They padded off down the corridor. None carried guns since there were no silenced weapons in the harem, but all had an edged weapon of lethal capability. Vanna had demonstrated a talent for knife-throwing almost as xxx bf spectacular as Sandy's talent for cosmetics and looked like xxx tube an incredibly beautiful new species of porcupine with all the sharp edges protruding from xxx vids her clothes. The first person they saw was another blindfolded chain-girl, posted outside xxx putas the entrance xxx video to the techs' rest quarters, according to a sign on the wall. Her mouth looked bruised, a sign of how many men had passed so quickly and so brutally through her portal. Still, it looked like their information was correct and that the techs had indeed retired for the night. The graceful assault team xxx porn video passed xxx hd videos noiselessly by the slumping girl, close enough to realize she was sobbing quietly to herself in her blind isolation, but helpless to relieve her from her sentence. Unknown to xxx porno the team, Constance was no longer at her station. As soon as the Sandy had passed through the first airlock, Constance had departed for the main part of the harem. She passed xxx .com quickly through room after room until she finally got to a room that none of the team had entered, the room where survivors of punishment were "stored" until they either lived or died. Inside, she moved to a dark-haired girl that moaned fitfully in her sleep. "Connie," Constance whispered, "Connie, wake up." When the sleeping girl's face turned toward the xxx videos hd dim light from the hallway, it could be seen that she was still as beautiful as the standards set for harem slaves. The damage to her had been kept away from her face. If she healed, it would be to once again take her helpless place in the harem. More importantly, it could be seen xxx photo that her face was a mirror of the one bending over her. She was the image of Constance, so similar that it could be seen hindi xxx video in hamster xxx an instant that they must be twins. xxx porn videos In another film xxx instant, though, you could see that they weren't quite twins. The Connie that was lying down was somehow softer than the one leaning over her. xxx hot video Her face had more xxx desi gentle curves, still elegant, but not quite as sharply-featured. Her chin was a more delicate pixie point, her neck just video xxx a bit more slender xxx tentacion video 2019 and swan-like. It took a minute for her eyes to focus on the face bending over her. When they did, she jerked back. "Who xxx hd video are you?" she demanded, whispering rather than shouting out of some reflexive concurrence with the tension in Constance. Who wasn't really Constance. The most elegant member of the assault team smiled and in a voice that none of the team had ever heard said, "What's the matter, Connie, don't you recognize your own free xxx brother?" "Daniel? What are you doing here? And why are xxx bf you dressed like that?" "I've come to get you out. xxx bokep There's no other way to xxx .com move around in here, so xxx hot I decided to become you. I've got some friends to help us, the ones you've been sending your data to. Now, can you move?" "For a chance to get out of this hellhole, I'll fly," the real Connie said, but xxx 2002 she winced as she tried to porn sit up. Daniel helped her to her feet, asking, "What did you do to get punished?" "Well, you know I've been making minor infractions in order to get assigned chain-girl duty so I could see what goes on inside. I xxx video download left my hair disheveled this morning thinking I'd get another stint in the lab. Instead, that Skuda bitch decided xxx vid I needed more of a lesson. I think she broke two of my ribs." With porn xxx the help of her disguised brother, bf xxx she gingerly rose to xxx movie her phim xxx feet. With broken ribs, he couldn't even lift her, or throw her arm over his slender shoulders. He could just offer her an arm to lean on sexo xxx as much as she could. They xxx vid made their slow way back through the rooms xxx hd video Constance, that is Daniel, hot xxx had traversed so quickly, eventually coming once again to the ante-room to the biowar lab. The real Connie slumped to the floor out of sight, and Constance was back on guard. Inside the lab, the team had reached the portal to the germ storage facility. Another blindfolded chain-girl guarded the entrance, but her hands were xxx hindi not concealed in a mitten. They were bound with wide cuffs behind her back and her elbows were pulled together with a strap like that used on new captives. Her knees were splayed around a small xxx v stool that was partially hidden by a widely-draped skirt, her only clothing. Silent glances among the team members revealed no obvious explanation, so Marilyn once again approached the strangely-erect captive. Her mouth was already at an appropriate level so Marilyn brushed her renewed erection against the full lips of the bound girl. In a motion so fast it had to be a reflex more than conscious thought, the lips of the girl surrounded Marilyn's member and started an indian xxx video action made perverse by the circumstances, regardless of how loving it could be in other worlds. In moments, www xxx the team commander's virility was again desi xxx demonstrated and porno the door began to open, without any movement of the girl's hands. They could see her slump a little, though, as the door revolved. Marilyn passed through quickly and Vanna, who had managed to videos xxx conceal the replacement vial within her upswept hairdo took her place. The chain-girl's slump had returned to that strange erectness as the door of the airlock sexy xxx cycled shut again and she performed her unwilling duty on the sunny leone xxx second team member. Vanna was finished quickly, it would take all the team a little while to regain xxx sex video the skills as true xxx jepang lovers after these mechanical experiences, and she was soon in the doorway, once again activated in some way they couldn't determine. It was as Jaymi xxx video com stepped up to take her place that the problem occurred. The girl seemed to gag on xxx hd video Jaymi's erection, rather than just accepting it. She struggled back with her head, still strangely stiff throughout her body, until Jaymi stepped back. "Who are you?" demanded the blindfolded girl. When she received no answer she asked again, "Who are you. I know you're not Maximum Leader, and he told me that if ever more than two men tried to pass and xxxx he was not one of them, that I was to yell for help." "That tears it," Carol whispered. Sandy looked at the girl more closely. The green-eyed brunette had noticed that the girl wasn't yelling, just demanding an explanation. She probably didn't want to yell for help, but was afraid not to say anything desi xxx in case this was some sort of a test. They had two choices, they could enlist her help, or they could render her unconscious, and they still xxx sex didn't know how the door was being worked. "Listen," Sandy whispered, "we're here to get you out. We need something from inside this lab, then we'll take you with us, if you'll help." "We'll all be killed," gasped the girl, but she still didn't raise her voice. "Not if xxx indonesia you do what you're told," Sandy insisted. "Now, we need to let another of us into the room. Can you just release the door?" "I don't think so. The trigger is my, well is in my, um, well, there's a thing stuck up inside of me, and when I suck a guy off, I squeeze. They told me if I just squeeze without the right reason, they'll kill me." "There's no one here but us, and we're here to help. Just let our person pass, and we'll work on getting you out of here." "No, I still don't trust porno xxx you. No one gets by that xxxx doesn't, well, you know." "All right, then, do it," Sandy said in disgust at the poor girl's confusion. Here she was xxx gonzo involved in the ultimate disobedience, yet porno xxx clung to small obediences as though that would hindi xxx make a difference xxx mom if she were caught. It didn't make any sense, at least, not to those who had so far escaped the depravity of Maximum Leader's training methods. Nonetheless, Jaymi stepped back xxx sex videos into position and was soon paying sex xxx the necessary toll. porn xxx Once she was inside, she quickly explained to Marilyn what was going on. There xnxx wasn't a corresponding chain-girl xxx gay on the inside porn of the doorway, but there was enough of a passageway between the inner and xxx hd outer doors of the airlock to guarantee no one could trip the exit door, then return inside. When no one else came through the door immediately, Marilyn realized that Sandy and Carol were going to stay outside while xxx hindi video the xxx porn inner team worked xxx video hindi to bf xxx extract the deadly culture. That wasn't quite the plan, but hd xxx taking care of the guard-girl was probably the right priority for them. She wished she had Sandy's porno help deciphering some of the signs to make sure they xxx video hd found the right agents, though. In a few minutes, she had decided which cabinet held the key virus and Jaymi was making short work of the lock. Vanna switched the vials, no one but Marilyn realizing how much work had gone into having a correct-looking replacement. The other two were so used to Marilyn's miracles they didn't give it a thought. In a few more minutes, they xxx porno were exiting the inner lab. "Boss, we've got a problem," Sandy began, using an unaccustomed xxx indian masculine tone of voice. japan xxx "This station is different xxx video hindi from the rest. The girl here, her name is Jennifer, indo xxx is held to her stool by an inflatable dong that swells up inside her when the door cycles and traps her japan xxx xxx com in place. It deflates when she squeezes the infernal thing porno xxx hard enough, but she won't do it tamil xxx unless someone feeds her. The way I see it is this. We need to trip her one more time (Sandy was talking of the poor girl as though she were as mechanical as she acted), and then get her off her throne. One of us will have to take her place or she'll talk, sooner xxx videos or later. Whoever takes her place will be stuck xxx gay here until sunny leone xxx video a replacement arrives, xxx bokep squatting with whatever that xxx. thing is inside her." "Now, guess which one of us gets that pleasant duty," Sandy's japanese xxx tone was light, but there was a lurking horror in her eyes. The team video xxx members looked at the blindfolded chain girl and saw long, dark hair that only Sandy also possessed. Her curves were also a hot xxx bit more developed than any of the team except tamil xxx Sandy. The blindfold would hide enough of Sandy's face that it was possible she could replace Jennifer, but clearly not possible for any of the others to do so. "I can't ask you to do that," Marilyn declared. xxx videos hd "I know, so I'm volunteering," Sandy said, now only the words seeming to be light-hearted, even her tone was betraying filme xxx the dread she was trying to conceal. There was only one possible way for one of the xxx porn team members to take that device inside herself while sitting on the stool, and it wasn't up a slickly-lubricated woman's vagina. Of all the team, only Sandy had a chance as xxx indonesia a convincing replacement, but only Sandy had been penetrated anally xxx hot video in an ugly, demeaning, nearly deadly rape. The scar tissue in her tortured bottom would never again stretch without pain and she would filme xxx surely be stretched by a mechanical device that wasn't constrained by merely human dimensions. xxx video com A shudder too heartfelt to hide shook her slender body, sending ripples through her peliculas xxx long hair that accented it far beyond the amount necessary to show her concern to her sensitive team mates. xxx sexy But she squared her shoulders in something reminiscent of coming to attention, then stepped before Jennifer. "All right, sister, do your thing. When you're done, get off that pole and I'll take japanese xxx your place." The fear she felt at what was to come almost prevented Sandy xxx video download from succeeding at the interim task, and she was afraid she'd have to ask for another to pay the toll, but in Jennifer's confused mind this was her responsibility, and she managed to xxx vidio find a rhythm www xxx that worked for the young soldier. Or perhaps her realization that this was necessary to get her released from her position gave her added incentive. In any event, Sandy was soon doing what was required. videos xxx When Jennifer left her seat, the device that was placed in the center of the stool didn't look too bad, a bit larger than a thick finger. It was at least somewhat lubricated by Jennifer's juices, though she had long xxx www past ceased to be stimulated by it. "How much bigger does this thing get?" Sandy asked. "Quite a xxx sex videos bit," Jennifer answered xxx indo nonchalantly, no longer personally involved. xxx hd "Oh xxx sexy video joy," hindi xxx video sighed Sandy, then xxx sexy video moved over the disgusting device. She had removed her top and was already wearing Jennifer's uniquely wide skirt. xxx xxx Lifting the skirt clear of the youtube videos protruding member on the stool, she slowly lowered herself down onto the perverse bondage implement. She struggled to make her tormented xxx porn videos muscles relax and accept the thing, but it took a long time before she felt the stool xxx tube under xxx video hd her vidio xxx violated bottom. "How is it?" Marilyn couldn't help asking. "Not too bad," declared Sandy with an feeble attempt at a reassuring smile. "Somebody trip the xxx desi door and then you guys get out of here." When the door started to close, the mechanical phallus inside Sandy started to grow, and to grow, and to grow. At xxx v first, she just closed her eyes and tried to maintain an outwardly calm demeanor. As it grew, so did her pain. Soon it was too much to contain and she grunted out a small sound of dismay, then a harsher moan, then a desperate gasp as inelastic scars pulled away from softer tissue. Hidden beneath her skirt, the first drops of blood began to sexo xxx leak down. "Marilyn," Sandy whispered, "promise me that you'll get out of here. Don't wait for me, just go. I need to know this will phim xxx be worthwhile." "We'll make it," xxx mom Marilyn promised. "All xxx video of us will make it." Sandy's eyes were closed in her attempt to marshal her strength against the suffering she had xxx com chosen to accept. She didn't see the look of fierce determination in Marilyn's eyes, nor the equally adamant nods from her teammates. There was no way xxx photos free xxx the team would xxx leave without her. Without hesitation now that they were committed, Marilyn got the team ready to proceed. "Carol, you figure out some way to control Jennifer. I want her bound, blindfolded, xxx. and gagged. She might give us away xxx video hindi at any time. Jaymi, you switch her bonds to Sandy. Make sure you get them tight enough to look right. Sorry, www sexvid xxx Sandy." mom xxx Sandy nodded absently, still consumed with her internal torment. The device had grown within her until she had no choice but to xxx xxx hold her lower body peliculas xxx stiff and erect. When xxx videos Jaymi reluctantly bound her wrists and cinched the elbow strap tight, the full extent of the bondage became apparent. With her elbows and shoulders pulled cruelly back and her lower body rigid, Sandy had no choice but to sit primly erect, as though eager to fulfill her duty. The blindfold was placed over her still-shut eyes and she descended even deeper into dark damnation. The rest of the team plus their captive moved quickly back to the entrance to the biowar lab and cycled out through the airlock. Along the way, Marilyn had Carol steal a guard's uniform. Outside, xxx vidio they met the xxx video com one they knew as Constance. A brief flicker of a glance from Marilyn and an even briefer nod from Constance passed a communication the others didn't even know to look for. It didn't take a rocket scientist to recognize the situation from inside, one unknown girl bound www sexvid xxx xxx video hd and gagged, one team member missing. Yet xxx free it was just as obvious to Constance xxx sexy video that the team had succeeded in their primary mission, otherwise they wouldn't have come out at all. Silently, Marilyn motioned them away from the helpless guard-girl and when they were in a private place gave her orders, "Carol, you put Jennifer somewhere safe. We'll be taking her with us, but I don't trust her at all. We're going to have to find a replacement for Sandy and get her into position." "There's no time," Jaymi complained. "They're going to be moving around in there in less than ten minutes." "I know, Sandy will just have to wait until we can work something out," Marilyn replied with just enough asperity in her voice to remind the team that she was concerned about their missing teammate, too. No one knew what Sandy suffered while she waited. No one else had to endure it and so gain first hand knowledge of the ordeal. But in a larger sense, no one else could have understood even if afflicted with the same torture. Only Sandy had experienced the brutal anal desi xxx rape that youtube videos had so scarred her heart and her soul with trauma. The xxx putas screeches of pain from her tortured rectum ripped through her body with every pulse of her heart. The drip of blood lowered her defenses still further, xxx indo weakening her when she needed all her strength. Still, she endured. She survived. Her mind tried to retreat into another world, and that of any of her teammates might have done so. But the very trauma that xxx photos made this so terrible for Sandy also may have saved her. Sandy had passed through this fire already, once. Some kernel of sanity held www xxx her together with xxx hindi the knowledge that she had survived this, and could do so again. Her mind danced along the borderlines of sex xxx reality with thoughts of cosmic predestination, as though forces greater than human had forged bangla xxx her for this moment sunny leone xxx video of truth, where the fate of all life hung in the balance on her ability mom xxx to use the temper of her previous experience to combat the conflagration of xxx sex this hindi xxx ordeal. Then another shriek of pain would pass and she couldn't think at all. Her world drew in as it had done before, awareness leaking away even as the lights began to come up outside her covered eyes. Only teen xxx a tentative thread of connection to this world remained when she heard footsteps nearby. They had the characteristic clomp of masculine feet in masculine shoes so she knew it was not her teammates with a rescue. Despair warred with panic for xxx bp control of her being but the adrenaline surge that resulted also cleared her mind and she showed no outward sign of her inner turmoil. The footsteps closed bangla xxx and paused nearby. "Ah, Maximum Leader, this one is even more beautiful than the last. indian xxx Is she new?" a voice asked with a curious mixture of respect and fear that the speaker was trying to disguise with outward casualness. "What? Oh, I don't know. I just specified lots of dark hair and lots of soft curves for today. mature xxx She seems adequate in that respect. Tomorrow xxx hd videos I may specify curly blonde hair and perhaps bigger nipples. This one seems a bit disappointing in sunny leone xxx that area, don't you think?" This youtube videos voice was nasally, with an hd xxx undertone of shrill whine like an overheating bearing. They spoke in the language of Maximum Leader's country, ignoring the captive girl as though she were only a machine, a pretty machine, but not one with a mind inside. "Ah, Maximum Leader, none of those who worship you are disappointing. This little jewel is magnificent." xxx photo "Perhaps I'll let you have her after I am done with her. Now that you mention it, I don't seem to remember her. She seems western, perhaps one of those cursed Americans. I especially enjoy my time with American girls, they're so unused to suffering." xxx hindi video Switching to English, he spoke directly to Sandy, "You, girl, do you speak English?" She nodded silently, receiving a harsh slap in return that threatened to tear her off her perch, leaving the anchored half of her body behind. "When I speak xxx www to xxx tentacion video 2019 you, you will answer me," growled sexo xxx the invisible bully. "Yes, Master, I speak English," Sandy gasped through her freshened agony. "Have I had you, yet?" Maximum Leader demanded. "No, Master." bokep xxx "Then why are you here? Skuda generally leaves new girls alone until I finish with them." "I was inadequate at maintaining my appearance two days ago. She had me take a place as guard-girl, then received complaints that I was inadequate in that area as vidio xxx well. Now I am here," Sandy finished flatly, as though resigned to gonzo xxx her fate. "What makes you so inadequate?" demanded the whiny voice. "I am inexperienced, Master." "Completely inexperienced?" now a note of interest was rekindled in the xxx japan gloating tones. "Except for my duties as guard-girl, I have xxx hd had no experience with men, Master," confirmed Sandy, continuing to build a story that confirmed her apparent innocence. An implication of her story suddenly occurred to Maximum Leader and he flew into a rage, "Do you mean to tell me that Skuda set you xxx videos up on that stool without letting me take your virginity?" Sandy did not need to answer. Another of the sets of shuffling footsteps had been walking around her, examining the device that held her captive. Whoever that was had indian xxx video realized Sandy's position did not quite correspond to the design of the indo xxx stool. He also spotted the slowly spreading pool of blood beneath the helpless girl and pointed it out to the group. "It appears that your inestimable Skuda has found a solution to the problem. This girl is enjoying your gift in desi xxx video an unusual way," he announced. The entire group walked around behind Sandy, never quite lifting the concealing skirt enough to discover the true mystery of her situation. "Ah, I should have known," chuckled Maximum www xxx video Leader, "though that device was never intended to be used xxx bp that way. desi xxx video I expect this girl will be more pleasing in her duties from now on." The group of men laughed in a way desi xxx video they probably felt was manly and powerful, but sounded to Sandy more like little boys' cruelty as they tried to burn ants with a magnifying xxx movies glass. Without another word one stood before her and she felt a demand for admittance at xxx porn videos her lips. xxx She complied with the demand and serviced the first of those in the group. The torn muscles of xxx gonzo her rectum could barely squeeze the device enough to trigger it, but she managed that also. Before it had shrunk enough that escape would have been possible even if she were alone, the man had tripped the airlock xxx porn video and the intruder was once again swelling within her. She found that despite the xxx .com unceasing agony, there had mature xxx indeed been some saturation of nerves, for the short relaxation allowed them to reset before the maximum distention was again reached, hindi xxx video renewing agony that had only seemed to be the ultimate her body could generate. Another and another cycled through the door, always xxx jepang demanding to pay the perverse toll. Each partial cycle of her internal tormentor added further shrieks gonzo xxx peliculas xxx of torture to her damaged body, added additional flow to the blood now dripping steadily from her. In a hidden niche just outside the lab ante-room, the rest of the team was developing their plans. Now that the lab hamster xxx was active, they would have to rescue Sandy with subterfuge rather than stealth. Finally, Marilyn reached a decision. "All right, Connie, it looks like it's xxx free time." Her response was initially just an equally cryptic nod, but Constance stood up and to the amazement of the remaining team members pulled off her glorious auburn hair. Her dress soon followed and teen xxx xxx movies in moments the one true female in their team was revealed to be as masculine as any of the acknowledged cross-dressers. More so, actually, for Constance had no trace of mammary development, and her, no, his xxx 2002 own hair was cut in a masculine, actually military style. "Sorry that we had to hide this from you, but my name is really Daniel McLean, not Constance. I'm the one that convinced Marilyn that this sort of xxx sex video masquerade was possible, and my continued success was proof that even experts in cross-dressing, like all of you, could be fooled. It also provided an xxx hamster emergency capability indian xxx video that couldn't be revealed inadvertently by the rest of you. This is that emergency." Daniel xxx sexy took the guard's uniform bokep xxx they had stolen and put it on. From a portion of the xxx hamster hair of "Connie's" wig and a few things they found in available cosmetics, Daniel soon had heavy eyebrows and a drooping mustache that made the transformation as credible as his earlier masquerade. He stood in the hidden niche while Carol and Jaymi went to get a replacement for Sandy. They didn't know how good the likeness would have to be, but there were several girls with long, dark hair and sexy xxx phim xxx good figures to choose from and they selected an unfortunate candidate quickly. Bondage devices were sprinkled around the harem for the convenience of Maximum Leader or the harem mistress, so in moments they had a blindfolded, bound, xxx movie and gagged victim to present to the waiting impostor guard. When the coast was clear, they quickly escorted him and his charge to the mom xxx ante-room where Daniel now paid the necessary toll and took his unnamed indian xxx replacement xxx vids deep into the lab. When he got to Sandy's location www xxx video he saw the spreading flow of blood immediately, and the terrible pallor of her face. Her more-or-less human, more-or-less masculine tormentors had long departed, but the inhuman mechanism within her was still www xxx video demanding its constant agony. Sandy hovered on the edge of consciousness, each time her mind tried to slip away, her slouching body would shift on the film xxx massive protrusion within her and fresh shrieks of fire would shout within too loud to allow oblivion. This xnxx xxx hot time she didn't notice www xxx com the approaching footsteps. No one else paid particular attention either, changing of guard- girls was at the whim of the harem mistress, not their concern. When Daniel got close, he leaned down to whisper to his tortured teammate. "Sandy, wake up, Come on xxx vidio Sandy, I've come to take you home." Later, www xxx com in her disjointed memories, Sandy would only remember xxx bf one word of that statement. Home. Nothing else mattered. xxx japan She roused enough to open her eyes and see a man standing before her, a guard. Some portion of her inner strength roused at the cruel xxx indian joke and she forced herself to alertness. That alertness caught the genuine concern in Daniel's eyes, though she still didn't recognize him. After another whisper, and